It’s been a long time coming

I finally, finally, finally did it! I have finally completed a full Whole30! It’s been a long time coming. It’s been forever since I’ve posted because I failed the last time. I was so mad and ashamed that I didn’t even want to write about it, so I didn’t. I avoided blogging like the plague. There were plenty of times I wanted to go on and just post whatever, but then I knew I would have to address the issue and wanted nothing to do with that.

However, I am now comfortable saying that I failed the last time (again), only because throughout the whole month of April, I followed the strict Paleo guidelines of the W30 to the absolute best of my ability. Sure there were a couple of hiccups along the way, like family dinners and not being 100%, absolutely! positively sure that all of the ingredients were W30 compliant, but that was out of my hands. My mom may have cooked with wine, but I didn’t find out until halfway through my meal, and I wasn’t going to stop eating and freak out and start all over.

There were definitely some rough patches throughout April. I attended a bridal shower with an entire buffet table full of delicious homemade cakes, cookies, desserts and treats. I didn’t touch a single one. I smelled them a few times and was so tempted to take the littlest, tiniest bite, but I refrained. Then there was Easter. Luckily I fell asleep for the dessert dishing, but man was it hard to say no to a Hawaiian roll and the sweet juicy yams with the roasted marshmallows on top.

The only reason I was able to keep my shit together was due to the fact that I wasn’t the only one doing it this time. My man candy decided he wanted to take this journey with me. I knew that if I cheated, I’d have to confess to him about it. My accountability was more real this time around. I couldn’t just avoid blogging about it for months and months. Nope. I see this man every morning and every night. There’s no way I could not tell him I cheated. I’d feel ten times more guilty if I had to tell him. So I didn’t stray once. He had his ups and downs too, but we both made it the whole 30 days. Yay for us! On top of that, he decided he’s going to keep going. He feels so amazing that he wants to live a stricter Paleo lifestyle (with a some exceptions, like weddings, holidays and special events).

Yesterday was Day One of no more leaning on Whole30 guidelines to restrict me from putting all sorts of bad unhealthy foods in my mouth, but I didn’t. I am following their instruction of slowly reintroducing foods into my diet while keeping the rest of my diet W30 and seeing how my body reacts. Yesterday was dairy. I was terrified. I had to work both jobs and was so scared I’d be running to the bathroom every ten minutes. Nope. Not once. I had some creamer in my coffee in the morning and a few slices of cheese throughout the day while keeping the rest of my meals W30 friendly. I felt fine. So that made me question some things about my diet before. I had always thought I was fairly sensitive to dairy. Now I am thinking that it might be more of a gluten thing. When I think about it, every time I have some cheese or other diary product, it’s always on a tortilla or some other gluten toting vessel. I’ll reintroduce gluten for a day in a couple of days, so we’ll see how that goes.

Mostly though, I wanted to express the joy and sense of accomplishment I have for finally succeeding in finishing this 30-day challenge.


Rob, I love you and couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for putting up with some of my temper tantrums and bitching throughout the entire time.


2 thoughts on “It’s been a long time coming

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