Halfway there!

I’m not sure if I feel like it’s been forever or if this Whole30 is flying by. Regardless, I am halfway through it!

It seems as though my cravings have been going back and forth these past two weeks, but I feel like I have them under control for the most part. I’ll get an occasional sugar crave, but it quickly subsides. I don’t have any issues with telling myself “No” to all of the things that I crave. My brain doesn’t throw as huge of a hissy fit as it was either.

Last week, while filling out the self-reflection worksheet, I had noticed that I wasn’t noticing as much of a physical change as I was during my last Whole30 at this point. Last night at work however, I did tighten my belt just one more notch. It’s a small victory that only I probably notice, but it’s good enough for me right now. I was beginning to wonder when I was going to notice any physical changes, other than my skin being back to normal.

Speaking of skin, I recently discovered Molly Muriel products. I was sent a sample of the Volcanic Bliss Bar and the Soft as Silk Shampoo Bar. I was excited to try them out and I wasn’t disappointed. All I can say is wow! I loved the bar of soap. I haven’t used the shampoo bar yet, but I imagine that will be amazing too. If you’re a fan of tea tree oil, I definitely suggest trying the Volcanic Bliss Bar. Made from oils of olive, coconut, palm, and neem, tea tree essential oil, pumice, charcoal, and rosemary extract, it was refreshing while it exfoliated. I’ve never been a big fan of bars of soap, but I am developing an affinity for these all-natural soaps and can promise I will be trying more of them.


All of Molly Muriel products are natural and environmentally conscious, created using plant botanicals and clays and essential oils for their lovely scent. The soaps and lotions are infused with herbs that “heal and soothe.” The herbs are also said to aid with calming, inflammation, and circulation.  Branda Tiffany, owner of Molly Muriel, originally began making candles out of her home kitchen. After developing a passion for her hobby, Tiffany launched her business back in 2002. Molly Muriel carries bath soaps, candles, shampoo bars, body oils and lotions. I recommend trying out the merchandise and letting me know some of your favorites.

Day 15 Recap

Breakfast: Leftovers of a sort of albondigas soup

Lunch: Sautéed shrimp in sesame and olive oil with cilantro, garlic and lemon juice

Dinner: Grilled salmon with a cilantro-lime sauce and mixed steamed vegetables

Snack(s): Egg and coconut water (post-WOD), coconut milk with some frozen berries, a few dried plums and some coffee

Activity: CrossFit Inland Valley WOD:
A) 4 x 3 Turkish getups (each arm)
Rest 90 seconds
4 x 7-10 L-sit tuck to extension
Rest 90 seconds
B) EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes of:
5 x dumbbell ground to overhead
Max reps x double unders
*Score is total number of double unders
70 DUs total (I suck at double unders. I can only get anywhere from three to 10 at a time)

I know I wrote that I would have my coconut cream and berries treat up here today, but I am still trying to perfect the recipe. I want to try a few different variations before I commit to posting it. I can promise to post a recipe on my next post though.

I am also excited to say that I sent out a couple more résumés. Hopefully one will catch someone’s eye out there in the publishing world. Keep your fingers crossed!





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