I have finally gotten my hands on a working computer! Yay! I never thought something as simple as that would make me so happy. I also found a couple job postings that fit what I want to do. Now all I need to do is apply to them. The downside, my resume, writing samples, cover letter, etc. are all on my computer. Awesome. I’ll figure something out though. I really want to get into my field of study and do something I love to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love bartending, but I am ready to put my “big girl” pants on and do that damn thing already!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a Whole30 worksheet I need to post. Posting these worksheets and goals and whatnot keeps me accountable to myself and to all of my readers. This way you can all keep me motivated and on my toes. I don’t want to have to have to post anything about falling off the Whole30 wagon. This is what really keeps me going, as crazy as that sounds. When I see a cupcake or even the tiniest bit of sweets or cheese (the things that I crave most), I just think about how much it would suck to have to post about it, and I let the craving pass. I would feel guilty for myself too, but to have this accountability as well puts me in my right mind.

Food for Thought:

Self-Reflection for Modern Eating

  1. I find myself craving sugar, bread, or sweets when I see or smell them around me– on TV, in an ad, or right in front of my face. I don’t normally crave chocolate. In fact, I don’t really even like chocolate all that much (except white chocolate and the occasional milk chocolate). Lately though, I have been getting whiffs of it and my mouth starts to water for a gooey chocolate brownie covered in powdered sugar and ice cream. Yum…!
  2. Sometimes, I think I’m hungry, but I’m actually just bored. I eat out of boredom, as I am sure everyone else does too. It gets really bad at work when I am constantly surrounded by food. When we are slow and I see people eating all of this deep-fried and cheesy foods, I always think to myself how badly I want it. In reality however, I am just bored. If I weren’t standing around watching these people eat, I wouldn’t think to myself that I need to have that because I am hungry.
  3. When I’m craving sugar, I used to eat ice cream, cookie dough, candy bars, cupcakes, cookies– you name it, I ate it. If I was really in a pinch I’d even go to my fridge or pantry and eat a spoonful of raw honey or maple syrup (which I thought was ok since it was technically in the paleo category).
  4. During my Whole30, I’m going to reach for some water (or fruit if I just can’t stand how badly I am craving something sweet– I know, still not a good habit) instead.
  5. When I eat sweet food like fruit, I notice (emotion, craving, etc.) that I make my brain happy for a moment. It’s not what I normally feed it when it craves something sweet, but it’ll do for now. Then I realize my brain knows that I tricked it and still craves more. No bueno. I feel a little guilty afterwards too, because I know that I gave my brain what it wanted.
  6. When I eat salty foods like nuts or olives, I notice (emotion, craving, etc.) it doesn’t really satisfy any cravings. I rarely crave salty foods. Actually, come to think of it, I can’t remember my last salty food craving. In fact, I normally use soy sauce on all of my sushi, but since I can’t, I noticed it doesn’t really bother me at all. I thought I’d have to bring my coconut aminos to the sushi bar with me, but I am actually alright without it.
  7. I thought I’d miss eating/drinking soy sauce with my sushi (I pretty much answered this question with my last one), but I actually don’t miss it/them at all.
  8. I didn’t think I’d like eating vegetables all of the time, but I’m actually really enjoying it/them (discovering all sorts of different ways to prepare so many different things).
  9. I have the hardest time sticking to the Whole30 when I’m feeling bored. That’s when I really just want to snack. I want to walk into the pantry and just rip open something to snack on (like a raspberry vanilla fig bar from Sprouts).
  10. I have the hardest time sticking to the Whole30 when I’m in (social situation or setting) a restaurant having dinner with my boyfriend or friends. I really want to have a drink with my meal, but I can’t. I especially want to have a mimosa when Rob and I go out for brunch on Sundays.
  11. When I eat a good breakfast, I feel ready for the day. I don’t feel ready to go run a 5k, but I don’t feel like sleeping more either.
  12. When I prepare a healthy meal from scratch, I feel accomplished! I’m not necessarily in love with cooking, but I do love the end result of a good healthy meal, especially when it is really yummy. It’s a bonus when the people around me that try it really like it too.
  13. Since I started my WHole30, I’ve noticed:
    a.  that my exercise or sports performance has actually dwindled a little bit. I don’t feel as strong or as fast as I used to. Then again I have also been RXing all of my WODs, so I can’t really complain.
    b.  that my sleep is a lot sounder. I sleep (mostly) like a baby. I fall asleep a lot quicker and a lot more easily too.
    c.  that my energy levels are up. I don’t feel like I need a nap in the afternoon anymore.
    d.  that my emotions are at an all time high, but it probably doesn’t help that I started the Whole30 a week before my monthly visit from Flo.
    e.  that my recovery after exercise is a lot quicker. I am definitely not as sore as I used to be the day after a hard workout.
    f.  that my body feels better. It’s not quite looking better, but it does feel a little better.
    g.  that my clothes fit mostly the same. Unfortunately. Hopefully in a few days I will notice a difference. At this time on my last Whole30, things were fitting a little more loosely.
    h.  that my condition (skin, allergies, digestive distress, etc.) has mostly cleared up. My skin is looking a lot clearer again and my digestive issues aren’t as bad as they were just a few short days ago.

Phew! That was a lot of reflecting. Although, now that I think about it, I feel like I was a lot farther along on my last Whole30 than I am on this one. I am going to the gym more this time around too. That’s kind of frustrating. Three more weeks and then we’ll see.

I made some awesome paleo tamales this week from Everyday Paleo. Not only did I love them, but my mom, friends from the gym, and Robert all liked them too. I will definitely be making more and playing around with different fillings. But for now, all of you paleo and Whole30ers need to try these!


Now I must go play with the dog that I am babysitting before work. He’s looking a little sad and lonely.

I’ll post when I can, even if it’s just from my iPhone one day.




3 thoughts on “Self-reflection

  1. I can likely help you get access to the hard drive on your computer – and get a job in your field and I’ll buy you a new computer.

    Mom says your tamales were awesome. She said she wants you to show her how to make them.

    • If I could just upload it to my Google Drive, I think I’ll be safe. It’s just going to take some patience because my clicker on my trackpad isn’t working. It clicks, but the mouse does not.

      The tamales were a hit with everyone. I’m pretty proud of them, even though it wasn’t MY recipe per say. I’ll definitely come by again and show Mom how to make them.

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