Detoxing and a ‘Recipe Roundup’

It’s day three of my Whole30 and my sugar hangover seems to be subsiding a little bit. Although, I may have had a handful of strawberries at work last night. But I have been ok since then, so I am justifying that decision.

My body has definitely been in detox mode, which is to be expected. Typically I have pretty clear skin, but I am breaking out like a mad woman right now, it’s really starting to bother me. I seem to be having a bit of “digestive distress,” as it was called in my Whole30 Daily email, too. I’m not one to be vague or discreet, so let’s call it what it really is, gnarly paleo poops. My body is getting rid of all of the bad crap (hehe) that I ate before starting my Whole30, and I’ll be honest I ate a lot of bad stuff. I am surprised my sugar hangover hasn’t killed me yet.

Surprisingly, I am actually feeling alright today. I thought I’d be a cranky, whiny little brat trying to kill someone, but I am feeling pretty good. Not as tired as I have been the past couple of days, but there’s always tomorrow. I am having to force myself to eat three meals per day. I am not a big breakfast person, so I am never really hungry when I wake up in the morning. I usually end up eating breakfast at about 10:30 to 11 a.m.– a few hours after I am already awake.

I have tried out a few new recipes this week and am impressed by a couple of them and will definitely keep them in my prep rotation over the next 30 days, and after my Whole30. Here are a couple of recipes that I absolutely loved.

Recipe Roundup

Raspberry-Lime flavored water. If you're a little tired of plain old water and need a little flavor, try this. It's a little fruit heavy, so I'd limit it to one glass.

Raspberry-Lime flavored water. If you’re a little tired of plain old water and need a little flavor, try this. It’s a little fruit heavy, so I’d limit it to one glass.


Daily Log:

Sleep: Only got about 6 hours of sleep last night with no naps throughout the day. Slept well, juts not a lot. Got home and went to bed at about 1:30 a.m.
Activity: Gym is closed today, so not a whole lot of activity. I am setting a goal right now to go on a hike sometime this next week.
Mood: Felt alright today. No serious cravings like I expected, other than sushi, which I had. Not quite used to this ‘three meals per day’ thing yet. I find myself having to force myself to eat three meals.
Breakfast: Went to Hana Sushi with my uncle and had a protein roll, which is full of fish and asparagus wrapped in nori. Zero rice. I also had some Yummi Albacore, and it was quite yummy.
Lunch: Two hard-boiled eggs mashed up some homemade mayo and diced celery. Used another celery stick as a ‘chip’– wasn’t very hungry for lunch, so I kept it small.
Dinner: Beef and broccoli stir-fry with a bacon and chive sweet potato biscuit (I may have a little bit of an addiction to these. They are quite delicious!)
Snacks: A handful of Trader Joe’s raw trek mix and some leftover sushi from this morning



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