Let the cravings begin

Sleep: Got about 8 hours of solid sleep last night. I got home from work around midnight and was passed out about 30 minutes later. I slept like a baby.
Activity: Skipped the WOD today to spend a little extra time with the boyfriend before he had to go to work.
Mood: Started off a little cranky this morning with some cravings of things I knew I can’t have.  Felt better after having some breakfast. Hit a wall around 1 p.m. and took about an hour nap.
Breakfast: Stir-fry chicken with a purple sweet potato
Lunch: Hard-boiled egg with plantain chips– wasn’t very hungry for lunch, so I kept it small
Dinner: Buffalo chicken salad with yam chips
Snacks: A handful of Trader Joe’s raw trek mix and some celery and carrots


timeline-headerI knew it was going to be a rough morning  when I started to crave things that I don’t even normally crave, like blueberry muffins and waffles and pancakes. I was ok after I ate some breakfast, still cranky, but was too full to think about wanting all of those delicious breakfast foods. The sugar cravings are already starting to kick in. I’m in big trouble. I am hoping this next week just flies by so I can get over the hump of these cravings. I don’t think I reached this point until about four days into my Whole30 last time. It probably doesn’t help that I kind of went out with a bang– having cookie dough, pizza, almond milk bon bons, etc. Bad decision. I think these sugar cravings are going be ten times worse than before. I’m in for a rough week. And I swear, every freaking commercial on TV has been for candy or ice cream. Agh!

I was tempted to try to find a paleo-fied version of pancakes or muffins or something, but I know if I did that, I wouldn’t necessarily be changing my eating habits. I’d still be giving my brain what it wants, pancakes. And that’s like having sex with your pants on, it’s not as good as the real thing, so why even do it?

Wish me luck…



4 thoughts on “Let the cravings begin

  1. I’m doing the Whole30 this month too, and you’re completely right about every commercial being about candy or other goodies. This morning, my roommate left a box of cookies and some Goldfish crackers on the table with a note for the rest of us to “Enjoy!” I’ve been gluten-free for quite awhile now, so I haven’t actually had either of these foods for some time, but I still totally wanted to kill her! Good luck you this month 🙂
    -Emily K.

  2. Day 3 here and I work in customer service at a grocery store and we’re in charge of slicing the fresh bread, wrapping the pastries, and basically everything sugar and flour in the store, so I feel ya! Hang in there!!!

  3. I did indeed coelclt my hug by-proxy that evening. I hope my well wishes have been communicated back over to you. Make sure the choices you are making are what is best for you and your loved ones. And even if I don’t hear from you, please know I think of you fondly often. LadyP xxx

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