D-Day *Updated*

*For some reason, this entry didn’t save what I had typed when I first posted, so I had to redo a few things down at the bottom with my food and mood journal.*

It’s here. D-Day. My Whole30 has begun.

I’m making it sound so much worse than it really is. I spent all evening the other night prepping my food for the rest of this week. Buffalo chicken salad, sweet and saucy pork chops, and bacon and chive sweet potato biscuits. All cooked, packed, and ready to be consumed!
food prep
There is still more to be done though. I need to steam and sauté some veggies. My protein-to-vegetable ratio is a bit off and needs some adjusting. According to Melissa Joulwan, author of Well Fed and The Clothes Make the Girl, I should be eating about two cups of cooked veggies with every meal. Luckily we have an a la carte side of veggies at work if I am too lazy one day to sauté some before I head in.

Now on to my Day 0 activity– my mental preparation… I kind of cheated and pretty much copied my goals from my last Whole30, with some minor tweaks. However, I am completely ok with it since I don’t think I really stuck with any of these goals. Except maybe the last one.

Worksheet #1: Self-Evaluation- Goal setting for your Whole30

  • Nutrition: I will prepare and pack a healthy lunch/dinner for work for every day that I work. On the days I am unable to grab any of my prepped meals, I will stay true to my Whole30 challenge when ordering from work. I will have prepped meals at both home and the boyfriend’s house so I don’t run into any EPS (Empty Plate Syndrome) issues. I will also pack my car with Whole30 friendly snacks to avoid any issues while on the road.
  • Sleep: I will get at least six to seven hours of sleep, minimum, per day throughout the next 30 days.
  • Stress Management: I will get a massage at least once this next month.
  • Exercise: I will exercise for at least 45 minutes to an hour at least four days a week.
  • Active Recovery: I will go for a run alone at least once a week after working out.
  • Injury Rehab: I will scale any of my workouts that will prevent me from re-injuring or aggravating any injuries I may have or get over the next 30 days. I am currently nursing my groin that I pulled about a month ago. I am just starting to incorporate weighted squats back into my WODs.
  • Fun and Play: I will do something fun and active at least once a week (for example, go on a hike, take the dog[s] for a walk, or ride a bike).
  • Personal Growth: I will search for a new job at least three times per week.
  • Temperance: I will limit my television by not starting any new TV series that I do not already watch.

Other than all the prep work this week, which don’t get me wrong is super exciting and fun (that’s sarcasm), I was lucky enough to attend the 2013 CrossFit Games this year and watch Rich Froning battle for his three-peat win! Woo! Congrats to him and Samantha Briggs and all of the other athletes that kicked total ass this past weekend! I could never see myself kicking as much ass as they did. I don’t have nearly as much dedication or drive as they do to do what they do.

crossfit games tennis court
It was my first time attending, and even though I read in other blogs that the crowd kind of sucked this year, I still had a great time watching all of the events and visiting all of the vendor booths. It was amazing to see what these people can do! Really makes you think about how much and what you can do if you put your mind to it. Even though I will probably never compete in a CrossFit competition, it was really motivating to see the possibilities of that healthy lifestyle and what it can do for you.

Just like my last Whole30, here is my daily food and mood log:

Sleep: About 7 hours of sleep. I couldn’t seem to fall asleep last night. It wasn’t a very sound sleep once I finally did pass out. I kept tossing and turning.
Activity: CrossFit Inland Valley WOD.
9 minute AMRAP:
3 power snatches @95lb.
6 handstand push-ups
9 ring dips
Completed 3 rounds plus 3 dips.
Did a 55 lb. power snatch. I’m still working on getting the movement down 100%. I also had to use two abmats for my handstand push-ups and bar dips instead of ring dips. So basically I modified the shit out of that WOD, but I ran 800 meters afterwards too. Hopefully that makes up for some of it.
Mood: I was tired this morning from not sleeping well last night, but felt ok and ready to go when I finally got out of bed. Felt good during and after the WOD. After I finished all of my prep work and eating lunch around 2 p.m., I felt really tired, so I took at 20 minute nap or so. No crazy cravings yet, but it’s only day one. Had a quick, minor sugar craving from seeing some of my roommates chocolate covered gummy bears in the pantry, but I remembered I couldn’t have any and it quickly subsided.
Pre-WOD: One hardboiled egg with salt and cayenne pepper and a spoonful of almond butter.
Post-WOD: One hardboiled egg and a bacon and chive sweet potato biscuit
Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs (got a little full off my post-WOD meal)
Lunch: Steamed artichoke with homemade paleo mayo
Dinner: Sweet and saucy pork chop with steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and zucchini) and a bacon and chive sweet potato biscuit
Snacks: A handful of Trader Joe’s raw trek mix



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