The countdown begins…

I’m back…again. I am back with another Whole30 challenge. One week from today, the Whole9 Life is starting a site-wide Whole30 Challenge. I am feeling a lot better this time around. No vacations. No parties. No holidays to deter me from my goal.

Actually, that’s a little bit of a lie. There is one hiccup that might get me off track. The Texas Lil’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament. It really is one GIANT party. I will be pouring beer and shots for all 144 golfers that attend. These golfers tend to want us Lil’s girls to take shots and party with them. It’s a great time and we make a lot of money not only for charity, but also in tips. And what can I say, I can really use the money. I just keep telling myself that I won’t drink, but it’s not very realistic. Being surrounded by all of my friends and pouring drinks, I’m not going to lie, I will probably want one…or two, myself.

I have been prepping for this Whole30 for the past week by figuring out recipes to keep me going strong and trying new things. I don’t want to get to the point where I feel like all I am eating is chicken, vegetables, and eggs. That’s how I felt the last time I tried the Whole30. This time I am planning some new recipes. I am almost ready for this. I am trying to mentally prepare myself and am already getting saddened by what I am about to give up… Oh cheese, I already miss you (even though I somehow talked myself into stopping by Del Taco and getting one final quesadilla– and maybe a burrito…with extra cheese). Ugh! I am horrible!

hating whole30

On a positive note, I have been going to the gym a lot more than I was going before too. I workout on an average about four days per week. Before it was typically two, maybe three. That might have a lot to do with me no longer going out of town every week, but I will save that another day. Long story short, Rob and I broke up. I am happily dating someone new. Ironically, his name is also Rob.

Uhhh! I am already stressing out about next month! Seven days to go before I get this thing started. Wish me luck!

Carina Jaynes


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