I’m back!

From October 25 through November 26, I will be challenging myself with the Whole30 in order to change my lifestyle and live a healthier life. Throughout those 30 days, I will be posting my daily progress, food, activities, mood, and sleep. This is more for my own personal accountability, but I would be more than happy for you to follow me on my journey or even try it yourself.

Not sure exactly what I am talking about? Learn more about The Whole30 here.

The last time I posted, I told you I was going on a hunting/camping trip for a few days. Well, I have been back about a week now and have failed to post. Why? Truthfully, because I didn’t want to be accountable for what I have put in my body over the past couple of days. I have been bad. I cheated. More than once. And I am ashamed. It hasn’t been too bad. I didn’t go on some food bender and binge for every meal, but when I had a slice of cake, I didn’t stop at just one bite. It’s that damn Sugar Dragon that’s been getting me lately. And I’ve let it! Well, not anymore. I am going to finish my last week and maintain some pride. I should just start all over again, but with the holidays around the corner, I think it’s going to be a little tough. Thanksgiving is only a few days away and I am not entirely sure at this moment if it will be a completely Whole30 holiday.

Rob and I are spending this Thanksgiving with his family and heading over to his brother’s house for the holiday. I am definitely going to try to make something Whole30 friendly and bring it over (and that something will probably be dessert, since that will be my weakness). If I fail this Thanksgiving, it will be to the dessert and/or stuffing. I just have to keep reminding myself how far I’ve come on this short journey and how much it has already done for me (despite my slip-ups). I know it’s going to be hard, but I know I can do it.

Click for Whole30 Thanksgiving recipes

Since I haven’t posted in a week, I decided I’m going to skip the normal routine of posting how much I’ve slept, my mood, activity, and food. I will just say that I have been Whole30 compliant, except a little more than handful of times. On Saturday night while on my hunting trip, we stopped at a BBQ restaurant for dinner. I ordered Whole30-friendly items, but I split the meal with Rob, so I didn’t tell them not to bring the cornbread. Big mistake. I took a tiny piece of the top of it, and almost died it tasted so good. Rob then proceeded to tell me he didn’t want it, so I took a little more off the top, and a little more. Before I knew it, it was gone. That was honestly the only real good part of our meal. Famous Dave’s BBQ, meh, not so great.

We went to breakfast on Monday with my grandma, who was in town visiting from Spokane, Washington. I still ordered Whole30-friendly items, but had a few bites of Rob’s bacon pancakes (I’ve never had bacon pancakes or waffles before, so I wanted to try it– why I went for bite number two and three…that’s another story. They were really good. I think this is when the Sugar Dragon started to come out and rear his ugly head. I haven’t necessarily had any crazy sugar cravings like I did before, but after this point, when I was offered something sweet I went ahead and had some. I didn’t stop myself. The dragon took over.

On Thursday, Rob and I went to dinner with a couple of our good friends. We went to another BBQ restaurant (apparently I’ve been craving BBQ). Double whammied this one with a couple drinks and the cornbread biscuit. The worst part about this night, was that the server didn’t even bring the biscuits out. I was relieved. But then our friend asked for them. When she asked if we wanted all four, I said no, but she didn’t hear me. It started the same way as the last time. A little piece at a time until it was all gone. Fail.

Then there was this weekend at work. It was our karaoke jockey’s birthday and they brought in a giant sheet cake to share with everyone. I wasn’t going to have any, until one of my co-workers brought over a slice to our server station to split with me. Again, little by little until it was gone. She barely even ate any! Then one of our customers brought in a box of See’s candies for us all to share. I had a couple of those too. Luckily I don’t like dark chocolate, so it was only a couple of pieces, but still. I did it. And now I feel guilty for it.

Those are all my mistakes for the past week. Let me tell you, at the time, it didn’t seem so bad. Now that I have written them all down and am face to face with all my mishaps, I realize how bad it really was. I didn’t think it was a lot, but I guess one slip-up leads to the other and then another and so on. However, it’s all said and done and I am fully accountable now (not that I wasn’t before, but I was ignoring the problem before). There is no reason for me not to get back up on the horse and ride this thing out and see it to the end.

During my Sugargate, I have been keeping up with working out. When I was out hunting, we were walking for days through farm fields of mud, grass, and alfalfa, which isn’t the easiest walking terrain by the way. As for sleep, I haven’t lost too much. The only nights I haven’t gotten more than eight hours of sleep have been the nights when I don’t get off until 1:30 a.m. and am up early the next morning to take care of the animals (I am house sitting this weekend).

I have been feeling ok this week too. A little sleepier than usual, but as for my mood, nothing has really changed. I think I was a little grumpy and had a short fuse one night, but that was also a bad night at work. I had to deal with a lot of stupid people. The night after I had the biscuit and booze, I felt like poop. I felt like I was going to throw up in the middle of the night. Not because I drank too much either, because what needed to come out of my body did anyway, but not by vomiting (sorry to gross everyone out). My body needed to purge the grains I had been eating or something. My stomach was killing me throughout that night. Guess that goes to show you how quickly your body adapts to not eating junk food all the time anymore.

And now that I have purged myself of all of my Whole30 sins, I will be back to posting on a regular basis this week, starting with all of the healthy choices I make today, tonight.

Carina Jaynes


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