Sick days

From October 25 through November 26, I will be challenging myself with the Whole30 in order to change my lifestyle and live a healthier life. Throughout those 30 days, I will be posting my daily progress, food, activities, mood, and sleep. This is more for my own personal accountability, but I would be more than happy for you to follow me on my journey or even try it yourself.

Not sure exactly what I am talking about? Learn more about The Whole30 here.

It is official. I caught some sort of bug. I am all congested and gooey. Not fun at all. I have been in bed trying to sleep it all off, but it doesn’t seem to be working as well as I had hoped. I’m feeling worse today than I did yesterday. I really hope I can shake this cold before this weekend. Going on a little hunting trip this weekend for pheasant and dove. Hopefully I can bring back a little meat for next week’s meals. Hopefully I will be feeling better by then too.

Day ten: November 3, 2012

Sleep: 6.5 hours of sleep. Got home from work at around 1:30 a.m. and passed out. Woke up around 9:30 and stayed in bed a majority of the day until I had to go back to work for another long night.

Activity: None, unless counting sheep counts.

Mood: Felt like I had a fever coming on last night, but I am feeling a little better today. Definitely nowhere near 100% though. Just trying to rest and let my body fight this bug off.


Breakfast: Slow cooked beef bone broth with beef and veggies. Craving oatmeal this morning, but I can’t have oats dangit!

Snack: Fruit

Lunch: None. Not too hungry today.

Snack: Banana

Dinner: Made paelo-friendly fried chicken using eggs, almond flour, coconut oil, and spices. Dredged the chicken and then baked it. It was good, but a little too coconut-y, so I dipped it in some wing sauce.

Day 11: November 4, 2012

Sleep: 9 hours. Thank goodness for the time change. Got an extra hour of sleep last  night. Didn’t get into bed until 1:59 a.m., then watched my clocked change to back to 1 a.m. It made me smile.

Activity: None.

Mood: I felt a little better today. I could actually breathe through my nose a little bit. Went to an Ontario Reign hockey game with my parents. Was feeling really tired when I got home though. Called it an early night and went to bed at 8 p.m.


Breakfast: Been craving oatmeal, so I found a recipe for paleo hot cereal to cure my craving. It was actually really good. I’m happy I found an alternative breakfast rather than my go-to, eggs. I blended almonds, pecans, half a banana, a little salt and cinnamon, and some coconut milk until it was somewhat creamy, warmed it up in the microwave, added some more coconut milk to make it creamier and topped it with fruit. It was really good.

Snack: None

Lunch: An Italian sausage with peppers from the hockey game. Had some celery, carrots, and cucumber on the side as well. It was the closest thing I could find at the game to a healthy meal.

Snack: None

Dinner: Homemade pork meatballs with olive oil mayo

Day 12: November 5, 2012

Sleep: 12.5 hours of sleep! Holy cow! I slept like a baby all night too. I did make the mistake of leaving my window open all night though. Now my throat hurts even more than it did yesterday. Crap.

Activity: None. Felt like poop this morning and didn’t quite make it to the gym.

Mood: Feeling worse than yesterday. Another day of rest until work.


Breakfast: Hot cereal leftover from yesterday’s breakfast and a cup of hot cocoa coconut tea. Still yummy from yesterday.

Snack: None

Lunch: Egg salad with jalapeño (made with olive oil mayo) and a handful of organic raisins

Snack: Celery with almond butter

Dinner: Herb crusted salmon on a bed of spinach

Carina Jaynes


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