Whole30: Day three and four

From October 25 through November 26, I will be challenging myself with the Whole30 in order to change my lifestyle and live a healthier life. Throughout those 30 days, I will be posting my daily progress, food, activities, mood, and sleep. This is more for my own personal accountability, but I would be more than happy for you to follow me on my journey or even try it yourself.

Not sure exactly what I am talking about? Learn more about The Whole30 here.

I am not entirely sure why my day three post didn’t go live last night. I scheduled it to post at 9 p.m., but for some reason it didn’t work. So here is both days three and four combined. I also updated my scheduled finish date. Continue reading to find out why.

Day three:

Sleep: 6 hours of sleep. Got off work late and passed out about an hour later, around 2:30 a.m., but my biological clock woke me up at 8:30 a.m. Stupid clock! Not feeling the extreme sleepiness my Whole30 Daily newsletters are saying I will by this day, but everyone is different. I think I felt that yesterday instead.

Activity: Rest day. My body is pretty sore from this week’s workouts at CrossFit Inland Valley.

Mood: Going through my stages of grief today.


Breakfast: Leftover chorizo and eggs from yesterday. Still delish!

Snack: None

Lunch: Bluefin tuna spinach salad with olive oil and lemon juice for dressing.

Snack: Yam chips

Dinner: …cheese quesadilla from Del Taco. I messed up. See below.

I am feeling a little depressed today, but at the same time, proud of myself for not giving in to my temptations. A co-worker brought me in a cakepop from Starbucks last night after finding out we were working together (she knows I am a sucker for those little devilish treats). She kept telling me over and over just to eat it. And boy did I want to to! When the temptation got to be almost too much to handle, I grabbed my celery sticks and almond butter and started snacking to take my mind off of it. I was so angry and sad that I couldn’t have that tiny little bundle of moist, gooey, sweet joy, but at the same time, I was proud of myself for taking control of my craving.

Day four:

Sleep: 4 hours. Went to a Halloween party and didn’t go to bed until really late.

Activity: Rest day

Mood: Feeling extremely guilty about last night’s happenings.


Breakfast: None

Snack: Banana

Lunch: Shrimp cocktail

Snack: Yam chips

Dinner: Pulled pork with guacamole and pico de gallo. Fruit (banana, Granny Smith apple and dried apples) when I came home from work.

I messed up last night. I gave in to the “Sugar Dragon,” as they call it on the Whole30 Daily. I went to a Halloween party last night and drank. And of course, because I was intoxicated and making poor choices, I got food from Del Taco. I feel so incredibly guilty today, not to mention very sluggish from a very long night. For this reason, I have added an extra few days to my scheduled end date in order to make up for my failure last night. I am basically starting all over. The cravings were worse today too because of my mess up last night. Even though I really wanted some bad greasy food to soak up some of the alcohol from the night before, I stayed strong and ate only Whole30-approved foods. Granted I didn’t eat much. I haven’t been too hungry all day because my stomach is feeling a little off from the partying. Because the ‘Sugar Dragon’ started rearing its ugly head again today, I ate fruit. Technically it is Whole30 approved, but the sugar, although natural, is not a good way to curb the sugar cravings. The brain doesn’t know the difference from the sugar in a candy bar or the sugar from fruit.

I have come up with a list of distractions to help curb the cravings (as requested by my Whole30 Daily email). Here are a few things I can do:

  • Read a chapter in the book I am currently reading.
  • Organize or clean (this one works while I am at work too).
  • Talk to a friend, family member, or co-worker.
  • Scroll through my Instagram or Facebook feeds.

I also read that if you’re sleep deprived, your body releases a hormone that makes you crave sugars and carbs. I guess those four hours of sleep weren’t quite enough. It’s going to be an early night tonight. I have to get that full eight hours in tonight.


Carina Jaynes


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