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As I browse through my blogroll on Google reader each day, I tend to get lost in links. Sometimes I find myself sitting at my computer hours later still finding a new link to click on to read new information or see new pictures. The internet is so endless and fascinating, I just can’t help myself.

I have been wanting to start a link party of sorts where I showcase some of the best links I have found during the week. This is the beginning of that party. The following links are just a few of my favorites that I have come across this week.

  • Leo Babauta writes a very inspirational Guide to Overcoming Self Doubt. His little rant really hits close to home for me. I doubt myself every single day. My subconscious is always there telling me, “You can’t do this. You’re not talented enough. You’re going to fail. You’re just a follower. You can’t be that person that does it and does it well,” which then only leaves me in a safety zone that I am too scared to leave. Well, it is time to leave the comfort zone and explore life and prove to myself that I can overcome these doubts.
  • Let’s face it, America is in debt. In some form or another, we all are too. Ramit Sethi’s guest blog post on Life Hacker, How to Pay Down Your Debt and Invest at the Same Time, is a great watch and read if your looking to pay off those student loans or credit card debt, but aren’t too sure if you should be saving and investing for your future. If you’re a twenty-something college student or a recent grad, I suggest checking out Ramit Sethi’s blog and book, I Will Teach You How to be Rich. It has awesome tips about how to save money and invest and guides you through the steps to becoming a young retiree and/or millionaire.
  • This one is for all of you DIY’ers. I love this DIY Pottery Barn inspired patio umbrella stand side table from Shanty2Chic. It retails for $299, but you can easily make one for a lot cheaper yourself.
  • Another one by Leo Babauta, 20 Small Actions to Create a Fit Environment with some great tips that I use
  • Moon Raven has some of the most unique jewelry pieces I’ve ever seen. I love the antler choker!

Well, are you?


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