Let’s get dirty and save some money

January is all about change. A new year, a new attitude, a new you. The problem is sticking to those resolutions we set in the beginning of the year. That’s one of the reasons I decided to blog about my progress of saving money and getting healthy (two of the most common and cliche new year’s resolutions). I feel as though I have a responsibility to post about it, which in turn, makes me want to try even harder.

Today I registered for a local 5k mud run, the Temecula Mud Run. I have done one run my entire life, a 5k Race for the Cure a few years back, which my mom signed me up and forced me to do. I have always hated running. Now however, I have forced myself to do it. When my mom registered for me to run, she paid and I didn’t care for it because it wasn’t my money and didn’t effect my wallet. The thought of that is sad and I feel pretty pathetic, but now, I paid the $50 to do it. I don’t want to see my money go to waste, so now I will care more about it. Plus, it’s just another stepping stone to reaching my goals.

I have never done a mud run in the past but I’ve heard the stories of how fun they are from my friends and family. I am trying to recruit my coworker, friends and family to run with me. Although there is running involved in CrossFit, it’s one of the things that I struggle with and slows me down during my workouts. I decided on the days that I am not at CrossFit Inland Valley, I will head to the gym at my apartment complex and run on the treadmill. I found this podcast called Podrunner that helps train you in preparing for a run or just for enjoyment. It’s an interval training program that has music that changes to let you know its time to run or walk. It starts out slow with 95 seconds of walking then 60 seconds of running and moves up and up until you’re running the entire 5k, 8k  or whatever your goal is. I enjoy it. And it helps to start me slow and learn to appreciate running and build my stamina for when there is running in the CrossFit WOD.

Long Beach Antique MarketTomorrow is the monthly Long Beach Antique Market where over 800 vendors bring a bunch of antiques, repurposed objects, and flea market finds to the public at Veterans Stadium. I’ve been once and didn’t even make it through the whole thing. I am also excited to be going with my uncle/roommate who has discovered his love you DIY and antiques not too long ago as well. I will be sre to take lots of pictures and blog about it.

As for my money saving, it’s going ok. The next tip doesn’t really pertain to me that much because I have implemented it in the past. Tip #8 is implementing an “a la carte” method. In other words, cancel those useless subscriptions you think you need. The money disappears every month without you really knowing it. When you cancel those subscriptions and buy them individually instead, like magazine subscriptions or Netflix, you’ll realize how much you’re spending because now you are doing it consciously and watching the money leave your pocket. One subscription I did cancel only a few months ago was my Disneyland pass. It was costing me $35 per month ($350 annually), and although it did pretty much pay for itself because I did go to Disneyland more than four times, I decided not to renew my membership and save the money. If I want to go to Disneyland now, I realize how much it costs ($99 for a park hopper) because it is coming out of my wallet right then and there. When you sit down and look at your monthly subscriptions, they really do add up. It’s an easy place to start to eliminate some spending.

Total savings from tip #8: $35

Carina Jaynes


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