No spending day

Great, just after I post about the fuel hedge fund, the gas prices go up. Tip #7 seems a bit easier to deal with though. I have to create a no spending day every week. This means I won’t be opening my wallet to pull out cash, debit or credit cards to buy anything. Not even gas. I need to consciously prepare for this day every week. If I do this once every week, I might be able to do no spending for an entire week each month. That will be tough. So I am going to start small by not spending a red cent every Tuesday of the month. Sounds easy. I guess we’ll see. Considering the only thing I ever really spend money on is gas and food, this should save me anywhere from $10 to $45.

As for CrossFit, it’s going pretty well. I just signed up for the gym’s On-Ramp beginners two week classes to learn the proper techniques to all of the workouts. Right now, my mom is teaching me, but it wold probably be best if I learned it all on my own so I don’t slow her down in her work outs. Now all I got to get through my head, is that these workouts aren’t a competition with everyone else in the classes. I keep looking at everyone else and how much better they are doing or how much faster they are going. What I need to understand is that I have to push myself to be my best, not to beat everyone. It only makes me frustrated with myself and then I get upset and don’t want to do it. I need to focus on me and me only. At least for right now while I am just starting out.

So if your new year’s resolution was to start working out and lose weight, don’t be too hard on yourself when you first start out. We all started somewhere, and surely had a tough time at first. The key is to stick with it and develop a routine. Once that routine is set, it’ll all become easier the more you do it. So go out there and kick some ass!

Total savings from tip #7: $40
Total running savings: $265

P.S. I will be posting about some DIY projects I’ve been working on lately soon.

Carina Jaynes


2 thoughts on “No spending day

  1. I agree it’s all about developing that routine. You might hate it at first and will be sore but it’s about working through it and sticking to your goal. I also think you are doing an amazing job at it too. 🙂

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