Money saving tip #2 and #3

Happy New Year! And what a happy new year it has been thus far. Although I had to work all weekend, I have made $600 in tips between Friday through Sunday. It has been a great weekend. Unfortunately, none of this is going to my savings goal. I’ve got my car insurance and payment to make within the next few days. On the bright side however, this means I won’t be scrambling to pick up shifts to make the money. I won’t have to stress for once, which sounds like a nice way to begin 2012. Now the rest of my tips for the rest of the money can go to my savings goal.

As for my $1,000 goal, I already discussed tip #2 in my last blog a little bit. It was to turn the thermostat down by 3° (or up 3° if it is hot). I actually haven’t even touched the thermostat in my apartment since reading this tip. It also helps that it has been about 80° outside in the middle of winter. Have to love that southern California weather.

I am still packing my lunch before I head to work every evening, which has saved me an additional $18, leaving me with almost a $50 savings so far in the new year. I did splurge on a movie with the family and some candy today though, which cost me a total of $21. I am not going to deduct this from my savings amount though.

Tip #3 says to sell something on eBay. Well, since I like to DIY, I decided to sell something on Etsy instead. It is a necklace I made from real pheasant feathers. I haven’t posted it on there yet, but plan on doing it when I get off work tonight. I need to change my Etsy store around a bit and update my information. I think I could easily sell it for about $25-30, right? I will post the link to the store site as soon as I put the necklace in there. If I do sell it for that price, I would then be at $75-80, which means only $920 to go. Wow! That seems like a lot more. Then again, it is only the second day of the new year and I have 28 more days to save. I can do it!

If you’re saving along with me, let me know how it is coming along by leaving a comment below. Happy saving!

Carina Jaynes

I want to change the name of my Etsy shop. Currently it is called A Toi De Moi, which is French for, From Me To You. Let’s be real though, how many people know that? I am open to suggestions. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Here are a few of my favorite ideas so far:
1) Be Enchanted
2) Charmed Life
3) Country Chic
4) Carried Away



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