New year’s eve and money saving tip #1

Happy New Year!It’s almost time to ring in 2012, and so far, I am starting it off with a bang. Although I wish I could be out celebrating with my honey, I have to bring in the money. Yes, I have to work on new year’s eve until about 1:30 a.m. I am looking it as rather than spending money on drinks, I am saving and making money by serving drinks instead. Not a bad deal.

I began my challenge to save $1,000 over the next 30 days yesterday. Tip #1 was to pack lunches for the next week. Technically I am still working on that one, but since I have worked for the past couple days and packed my lunch instead of buying it there, I have saved nearly $20 in two days. That’s not too bad if I must say so myself.

Tip #2 is to turn the thermostat down by three degrees. It does get a little chilly in my apartment at night, but today while I was cleaning and doing my laundry, I decided to light some candles. I lit one in each room. My thermostat, without the heater, is typically at 68°F, but with all the candles lit, it went up to 72°F, which is usually what I set it at when I get home from work. Perfect! I have my own version of a little fireplace to keep my apartment warm. Not too sure how much that is going to save me, but Ramit’s blog says it’ll usually take 10% off the bill, which is probably roughly $8/month. That means I have saved almost $30 this month in just two days!

My next blog post will be in 2012. Happy new year!

Carina Jaynes


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