Told you so…

What did I say when I started this blog? I would forget to post. Here I am, haven’t posted anything since July. It frustrates me. Then again, I do it to myself. I think it may have had something to do with coming to terms with not being able to go to Italy.

That’s right, I didn’t end up going. All that talk. All the forms. All the time I took to get it together…but when push came to shove, I downright just couldn’t afford it. It is extremely unfortunate, and I was really bummed out about it. I still am, but good things did come from it, or at least one. Who knows, it could be one of the best misfortunes.

Carina and RobertYes, I met someone. He is an amazing guy and quite a dish. However, I think this also played a role in my lack of posting. Not only because we have been spending so much time together, but my last few posts emphasized how independent I was feeling. Although, unlike before, being with a man does not define me. I am still my own person and will not allow myself to get lost in a man again.

More importantly though, I am feeling inspired again. Inspired to write. Inspired to create. Not only have I been feeling somewhat crafty as of late, but I recently moved into a new apartment and have been constantly looking up home decor. I especially love all of the cute stuff that I can create myself. I have been visiting a lot of different vintage and antique stores lately, and let me tell you, they are incredibly inspiring.

It probably helps that in this, my last semester at San Diego State University, I am taking two art classes to finish up my minor. Those two classes are inspiring and requiring me to be a little crafty. I am enrolled in fiber surface design and black and white fine art photography. The fiber surface design class is somewhat like a sewing class. We work with all sorts of different fibers and change them by sewing, embroidering, screen printing, cutting, tearing, etc.– basically what ever it is we can to do to alter the fiber in some way to create something. I am learning so many things that I wanted to do when I first learned to sew. It’s great!

In my photo class, I am finally getting to work with film. I have never taken a photography course, but I was the photographer for my high school yearbook and used digital cameras. I didn’t necessarily know what I was doing, and learning it now is inspiring me to always carry a camera and take pictures of a lot of different things I see. Here are a few examples…Click the images to them full size.

That’s all I’ve got to say for now. I am late to a family dinner. Hopefully I’ll post more later.

Carina Jaynes


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